Help Desk Toruń

I have started my company in the middle 2000. As the name suggested, first jobs were related to end user help and support. Also, at that time I was building PC computers on customer's request. I was always curious of new technologies and working with both software and hardware. While employed in several companies, I went through full software development cycle - starting as a tester, then developer, software integrator, internal datacenter and user support, system architect and now - again as a developer. My first programing languages were ANSI C and PERL. Later I have also used PHP for web based applications and C++ with QT for desktop solutions. Bound to linux from university time, I'm still using that OS daily. 20+ years of linux experience gives me quite good understanding of that system.

Currently I feel comphortable as a system C/C++, PHP / web, SHELL/PERL script developer, or linux system administrator. Several years of work in IT area gave me experience, which now I can use serving my customers. And moreover - I can still speak in human language :-D Have you ever met the IT guy which you were not able to talk to? Me too. That is why I called my company "Help Desk". I treat every customer individually trying to understand needs and demands, then fitting to them. If you are seeking for professional IT support in area of software development, linux administration or datacenter support -  you've found right place to start.

 Below you can find some official data about the company:

Company Address:
Help Desk, ul. Kozacka 46/13, 87-100 Toruń

Tax and official related info:
CEIDG: Click here (Central Evidence of Companies in Poland)
VAT ID: PL9561913837
REGON:  871242616 (Statistics Registry Number)
Number of company in Toruń city's registry: 37711.

Contact info:
phone:  +48 607 91 92 86
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
skype: mzalfres